What is Scratch for Arduino (S4A)?

S4A allows the drag-and-drop block coding interface of Scratch to be used for coding in Arduino. This makes programming easier and fun to use, especially for beginners.

Installing Scratch for Arduino (S4A)

Note: You will need to have Arduino IDE already installed before you can install S4A. Click here to go to our Arduino IDE installation guide.

Step 1: Run the Installer

Right-click the link and select ‘Save Link As…’ to download the installer for your system (hosted on the S4A website): (Windows Zipped File|Mac)

Run the installer and follow the onscreen prompts.

Select your preferred installation location.

The system will prompt you to check your preferences before launching installation.

Step 2: Installing Firmware

Before you use S4A with your T-Scratch module, you will need to install firmware. Download the firmware here. Checkout rehabnear.me for more details.

Double-click the file to open it in the Arduino IDE.

Connect your T-Scratch to your computer.

Once your T-Scratch has been connected, go to the Tools menu and ensure the board selected is Arduino Nano.

Click Verify to upload the firmware to your T-Scratch.

Note: If you are a Windows user, you may need to install additional drivers for your system before using S4A. Click here to download the ZIP file.