The TScratch module consists of a translucent, matte box, with 4 sides equipped as follows:

TScratch Schematic:

Note: The labelled ports on the TScratch are suggestions ONLY for NEW users. All ports are compatible with any TSense sensor.

Port Abbreviation Description
5-12VUsed for external power source
Power (ON|OFF)Switch for external power
USBConnecting port for mini-USB for programming
AudioAudio jack for output audio
BT (ON|PRGM)Bluetooth switch

Port Abbreviation Description
2 | PIRDigital port
3 | BTNDigital port
A2 | POTAnalog port
A1 | LDRAnalog port
PS2PS2 Controller port

6 | SRV5PWM/Servo port
5 | SRV4PWM/Servo port
8 | SRV3PWM/Servo port
7 | SRV2PWM/Servo port
4 | SRV1PWM/Servo port

SD SD card slot for MP3 Player
I2C I2C (Inter-integrated Circuit)
6 | PWMDigital port
5 | PWMDigital port
13 | BUZZERDigital port
12 | LEDDigital port

The following programs are compatible with TScratch:

  1. mBlock [Click here for our installation guide]
  2. Scratch for Arduino (S4A) [Click here for our installation guide]